Theodor Herzel

Theodoe Herzl 1860-1904

By Israel private guide, Moti Barness

Herzl on 10 Shekel note, unfortunately Israel inflation make this bill to disappear, picture from Bank of Israel

You cannot understand Israel without knowing Herzl! He understood, before the Holocaust, that the only solution to the “Jewish problem” is a Jewish State.

Herzel came to his idea after covering as a Journalist “The Driaphus Affair”

Herzel was crown as “The visionary of Israel” but he was much more then that! Herzel founded Jewish National Fund “JNF” which made Herzel dream for a Jewish State a reality by purchasing land and settling Jews in Palestine. Without JNF and its sta

The personal history of Herzel is unspeakable, he was infected by a sexual diesis after visiting a prostitute, he was a terrible gambler, he exhaust is family fortune, he divorce his wife which die 39 yo and her body was criminated, the ashes where lost by his son in a train. His daughter Paulina die 40 yo, his son Hans suicide, the youngest daughter had the only grandchild to Herzel, Stephan, she die in the Holocaust, Stephan the only heir, suicide 1946 in Washington. Only 12/5/2007 the State of Israel finish to fulfil Herzel “Will” and berried the last member of his family, his grandson Stephan in Herzel Estate in Mt. Herzel Jerusalem.

The state of Israel honored Herzel and legislated “Herzel Law” which include “Herzel Day” 10 Iyar

Picture of Herzel and his and his children from PikiWiki from