Israel’s Coast & North

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Aqueduct in Caesaria

Israel coastal Fwy 2 and Hwy 4 take us along the eastern Mediterranean shore line. Along the drive we can see the beautiful beaches created by billions of tiny white grain of sand that came all the way from central Africa washed by the erosion and the Nile river to the delta of Alexandria and then moved by the sea current to Israel beaches. The wind blow the sand creating dunes that less then a century ago blocked all the river’s mouth causing swamps and malaria.

Our first site today Caesarea Maritima build by the dream of King Herod the Great about 25–13 BC, thanks to the sand the site was well preserved till the Israeli archeologist  reveal the glory past. We’ll travel through time helped by interactive systems.

Zikhron_Yaakov is one of the first Zionist settlements in Palestine which paved the way to the state of Israel. Today is a pictures town known for its best environment and education system and “The first  Aliya museum”   We can visit or have lunch at the first winery in Israel Carmel.

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Water Tower in Zichron Yaakov

The best way to climb Mount Carmel is through The Druze Carmel City, short drive and we enter Haifa  which is the most beautiful city in Israel by many Israelis.  The Bhai Terraces  in Haifa is no doubt the high light of the city.

Akko in English Acre its international fame comes from the failure of Napoleon 1799 to break its walls and add Acre to his empire, same withBaibars the Mamluk 1263.

Rosh Hanikra the northern tip of Israel coastal line is a national park where the waves curved the chock stone with many caves.

Over night Rosh Hanikra / Sefat / Tiberias Galilee finger

Day 2

“The Northern road” Route_899 was constructed by the British Mandate of Palestine to control the Arab revolt in Palestine and today it is a rout that cross Israel west to East in its North.

Safed is a city in the Galilee. Since the sixteenth century, Safad has been considered one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities, along with Jerusalem,Hebron and Tiberias.[3] From that time until today, the city has been a center of Jewish mysticism.

Hula Valley – Mount Bental – Tiberias – Beit_Shean – Jordan Valley – Jerusalem

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Rosh Hanikra


  • Jeeping
  • Kayaking
  • Rappelling
  • Hashomer Kibbutz Kefar Giladi
  • Golan model Kazerin
  • Talmudic model Kazerin
  • Oz 77 Yom Kippur battle show
  •  Hula valley bird watching
  • Mount Hermon
  • Dag Ala Dan fish farm & restaurant