Tel Aviv

1908 חלוקת המגרשים

11 April 1909 – the land lottery of the 66 families founders of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a dream that came true,  it is a name of a book which expresses Theodore Herzl vision about the rebirth of Israel. The picture from 1909 show the dune cover what is Tel Aviv today. In 100 years the Zionist movement turned the barren land to the Land of Milk and Honey.

Tel Aviv from Tel Jaffa, the best observation

After the only visit of Herzl in Palestine  1898 when  he came back to Basel Switzerland, he  wrote 2 books. The first one his personal diary where he describe what he saw in Palestine – barren land cover by dirt and misery …

“When Jerusalem is mentioned, it will not be a pleasure to remember you, a stale sediment of two thousand years of personal stagnation, dark fanaticism and grime in your stinking alleyways … If there is a day and Jerusalem will be ours, first we need to clean it … ”




caravan of camels cross barren Tel Aviv beach, where today it is hard to find en empty space.

The second book was s a novel where he describe his dream how the barren land he saw in Palestine 1898 will look like in the future. The title of the book originally in German Herzl’s mother tongue was “Altneuland” which means “Old New Land” in Hebrew the book was translated by Sokolov and the title given was Tel Aviv.

Tel means in Hebrew a hill covered by ruins, we have so many of them in Israel. Today Tel is international Archaeological expression for an Archaeological site, which is build with many layers.

Aviv means spring when all living things   rebirth, rejuvenate. The founders of Tel Aviv when they call the first Zionist city Tel Aviv they expressed Herzl vision.

Tel Aviv is a dream that came true and show the best the rebirth, the resurrection of Israel and the Jewish people.

Tel Aviv today a metropolitan of 2 million people.

Day of Independence 2016 – Tel Aviv beach (Air Force Magazine )

Things to do in Tel Aviv

  1. Hall of Independence
  2. Rothschild boulevard
  3. White city – Bauhaus
  4. Neve Zedek
  5. “HaTachana” The old Train Station
  6. Old Jaffa
  7. Flee market – old Jaffa
  8. Carmel market
  9. Port of Tel Aviv + Yarkon river
  10. Palmach museum
  11. Yitzhak Rabin museum
  12. Israel museum for Archaeology  – Tel Aviv
  13. Nachlat Binyamin
  14. Sheinkin Street
  15. Hagana  museum
  16. Art museum
  17. Diamond Center
  18. IDF museum
  19. Diaspora museum
  20.  Azrieli mall
  21. Sharona market
  22.  Dizengof Street