A Tour to the Holy City Sefat

Sefat is one of the four holy cities in the land of Israel, following Hebron, Jerusalem King David’s capital and the 2000 years old Tiberius.

The city of Sefat, high atop the Galilee Mountains, became holy about 500 years ago when the Turks ruled the country. Those were the days following the Spanish inquisition and exile of the Jews. Jews came to the Land of Israel and settled in Sefat. Well known Rabbis led by Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the Holy Ari, arrived to Sefat with small communities. They built beautiful synagogues which have survived to this day. The Holy Ari is considered one of the founders of the Jewish Kabbalah and mysticism movement and a master of Kabbalah.

He taught many brilliant students and raised a generation of scholars who have continued his legacy, wrote important books for the Jewish world and reinforced the hold of the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. A number of Kabbalah centers are found in the ancient city and can be visited in order to learn about the world of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism.

A tour of the city of Sefat is not only a religious and mystical experience. A tour of the ancient alleys between 500 year old limestone houses is also an artistic experience. Some of Israel’s greatest artists have established their residence in the ancient houses about 50 years ago and created enchanting galleries specializing in Judaica.

There is no other place in the world where the Jewish atmosphere is as tangible, hearing the sounds of Hassidic music, Jewish soul music. It feels as if you were walking inside a painting.