Planning Your Trip

israel private tour guide trip planning

Moti at the Western Wall

Send an email with your traveling information

The first step of the trip planning is to know your basic traveling information:

  • Date of arrival & date of departure.
  • How many days you wish to have a private guide
  • How many are you? Names, ages, religion, hobbies special request.
  • What are your expectations from your visit to Israel.
  • Do you need hotel reservation and what kind of hotels you want?
    • Deluxe: King David, Hilton
    • 5 Star: Sheraton, Hyatt, Inbal
    • 4 Star (First Class): Four Points, Dan Panorama

Planning your days in Israel

Once we know your basic traveling information, and your hotel requirements we can plan now your stay.  On this moment you are going to get a price proposal.

Where You Stay in Israel

This is the time to finalize your hotels in Israel, and we can start plan your itinerary.

Itinerary Proposal

After finalizing your hotels we can start plan your itinerary.

Booking the Trip

Once you have agreed upon the itinerary and pricing we will ask you for a deposit.  Once deposit will be paid you finalize planning and booking your tour in Israel.