Sites Sacred to Christianity in the Galilee

Sites Sacred to Christianity Surrounding the Sea of Galilee

The Holy Basin surrounding the Sea of Galilee is known for its sanctity for thousands of years.

From atop the Mount of Beatitudes, one of the Galilee’s most beautiful mountains, a breathtaking view can be seen. The Sea of Galilee is seen in bird’s eye view, the city of Tiberius to the west and the Golan hights to the east of the lake. In the place where Jesus gave his “Sermon on the Mount” to thousands of the region’s residents is the beautiful church planned by the well known Italian architect Antonio Berluzzi. Splendid gardens beautify the mountain.

Many masses are held here and everything wears an air of celebration. From the observation patio we can see the path Jesus walked from here down to the Sea of Galilee. The path descends along green plantations of mangos and bananas and in the spring time, the hills blooms in an array of colorful flowers. The entire lake is visible from here, smooth as a looking glass. We can see the fishermen’s boats and boats transporting pilgrims. small wooden boats exactly like the one Jesus sailed in.

one of these original boats was found, it is displayed in the museum in Kibbutz Ginosar at the Sea of Galilee’s edge.

Below us are the beautiful churches on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The church of the Multiplication of the loaves and fish, where Jesus performed the miracle of feeding thousands of hungry people with a basket holding only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.

Near it is the Church of Peter’s Primacy. This is where Jesus appeared before his pupils after his revival and gave the primacy to Peter the Apostle. If we look to the side, we will see the most important place near the Sea of Galilee- Capernaum. In Capernaum is the house of Saint Peter, on it was built one of the ancient chapels. Now, a unique, modern church was built there, preserving inside it the ancient chapel. In Capernaum Jesus performed most of his miracles, spending the most meaningful two years of his life here.