Tel Aviv & Jaffa: One-Day Tour

Tel Aviv history

08:30 pickup from hotel after breakfast

The Hall of Independence –  is a must stop in any tour to Israel.

In the first house in Tel Aviv own by the the first Mayor of Tel Avai Meir Dizengof   which donated his house to be the first Art museum in Tel Aviv David Ben Gurion announced on May 14th 1948 4 pm the rebirth  of the State of Israel.

The Hall of Independence with Meir Dizengof sculpture in front. Rothschild boulevard


We’ll start our tour in the building where David Ben-Gurion did the famous Declaration of Israel Independence and we’ll understand why we compare him to Joshua and Theodor Herzl to Moses. We’ll learn about the owner of the building Meir Dizengoff and celebrate Tel Aviv 100 anniversary.

The tour is about an hour and it tell us the story of Israel birth

Ben Gurion May 14 1948 at the Hall of Independence. Ben Gurion standing in the center and above Theodore Herzl – the visionary of Israel and the founder of the Zionist movement

The Hall of Independence is located at the first street in Tel Aviv – Rothschild boulevard, which is unique thanks to the many Bauhaus building next to it.

The Bauhaus architectural style came from Architect school in Germany, but when the Nazi took over many of the professors of this school that have been Jewish came to Israel and created the largest Bauhaus style building in the world. About 4,000 exist in Tel Aviv

Neve Zedek – we’ll walk through  the first  neighborhood outside Jaffa’s wall founded 1887, which was annexed to Tel Aviv.

We can eat at Old Jaffa special local restaurants only minutes drive and here we’ll learn and see the 4,000 years Jaffahistory and enjoy the many tourist shops. We’ll do an observation on Tel Aviv and walk down to the – flee market.

Possible to visit one of many Tel Aviv museums but no tour in Tel Aviv is finished with out visiting Rabin Square

Only with special reservation   30 kms drive to Rehovot might take us 1 hour drive and we can eat something at the hi-tech industrial zone. We’ll visit Chaim Weizmann house in the famous since institute on his name.

Finally we’ll visit Ayalon institute and try to understand the miracle of Israel resurrection and how come Israel develop so mush compare to our neighbors.

More to see in Tel Aviv

  • Palmach museum
  • Beth Hatefusoth museum of the Jewish


  • Eretz Israel museum
  • Rabin center

Day trip from Tel Aviv

  • Caesarea Haifa and Acre
  • Galilee Christian & Jewish
  • Latrun Tank museum which is Israel
  •  Armored Core Memorial & Jeeping Burma Road the by pass road that save Jerusalem in the war of independence
  • Be an archeologist Beit Guvrin
  • Archeological excavation and visit the batel ground of David and Goliath
  • Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem + Dead Sea for people have only 1 day in Israel
  • Dead Sea